Our collective image of Vogue dominaeditrix Anna Wintour has always been as a hard-nosed ice queen, a Darth Vader under a helmet of hair, the stern and bitchy inspiration for The Devil Wears Prada. Due to some recent events, are we going to have to change our assessment?

First, she signed editor Hamish Bowles up to compete in The X Factor which lead to him writing this hilarious column. At first I thought, "Oh, that Anna, she's so devious. She's going to publicly humiliate Hamish for not wearing the right cufflinks to the Met Ball." But no, it seems like she really thought it would be a lark. And she was right!

Then there's the incident with her and crazy singer Nikki Minaj sitting next to each other at the front row of the Carolina Herrera show. When I saw this not only was I giggling at the juxtaposition of these two but also felt sorry for the poor PR girl who sat the two next to each other as some sort of cosmic joke about the fashion world. Evil Anna would surely not only have her fired, but drummed out of New York for all of eternity. Not so! It turns out the entire stunt was Wintour's idea all along. Oh, you brilliant comedic genius.

Maybe we have been wrong about Anna all these years. Maybe the joke is on us and we just didn't get her sense of humor. Well, whatever is causing this, I like this new lady... a lot.

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