Groupon was hit with its second lawsuit in as many months from employees who said they were screwed out of their overtime. This comes shortly after the online discounter lost its COO, its sales chief, its IPO date, and its favorite bullshit accounting metric. It's almost as though Groupon is some sort of hive of misery and deceit!

The latest blow comes from a federal class action suit just filed in Chicago, covering 50 "deal vetters," employees responsible for reviewing Groupon's contract with merchants. The vetters, said PaidContent, allege they did not get overtime for working more than 40 hours per week. In addition, more than 1,000 of Groupon's salespeople are covered by an August class action also seeking overtime pay.

This is what happens when your top people take out a ludicrous $810 million in bonuses before the IPO: Everyone else in the operation starts looking real, real carefully at their own compensation. And, no, they won't give you a discount.