It's time to make this mostly unheralded actor a bigger name, and now he has his chance. Also today: We've found your favorite movie, Matthew Morrison gets serious, and some curious Lake Bell news.

  • Remember when The Hurt Locker came out and everyone was all oohing and ahhing (justifiably so) over Jeremy Renner and, to a slightly lesser extent, Anthony Mackie (again, justifiably)? Well, it was a shame that poor Brian Geraghty, the third leg of that explode-o-table, didn't get much recognition, because he was great! And had a tricky role to play to boot. But then in the years since he hasn't done that much and that is a shame. So it's nice to see that he's now landed a good gig in the Robert Zemeckis/Denzel Washington movie Flight, the Sully-on-drugs movie about a hero pilot (Washington) who's maybe not such a hero. Geraghty will play his copilot who "finds religion" after the incident. He finds religion, and we find Brian Geraghty! Let's do this thing! [THR]
  • Oh brother. One of the sillier, more sweetly embarrassing things that guys on television shows do is up and decide after a few seasons that they'd like to Direct An Episode. Jason Priestly did this on 90210, Jon Hamm directed the first episode of the newest Mad Men season, and of course Manny from Modern Family will someday direct an episode (or probably not, but I could see that happening and being very annoying). And now old noodlehair himself Matthew Morrison has very seriously walked into his bosses' office and said that he'd like to direct an episode of Glee. He made a rectangle with his fingers and put headphones around his neck to show he was serious and everything! Big time director guy, Matthew Morrison. Aw, isn't that cute. So now when he isn't acting or fucking someone on a roof in a rainstorm, he'll be a Big Serious Director. Grownup serious pants and everything! [EW]
  • Are you curious what your favorite movie is? You might be thinking, "Oh, it's for sure Annie Hall." Or I might say, "Oh it's def Children of Men." (Foreal. Best movie ever made.) But nope! Those are not our favorite movies. Our favorite movie is, actually, the Diablo Cody directorial debut that has just landed Russell Brand and Julianne Hough as stars. Yup, that's the one! How could that movie not be our favorite? I mean, Russell Brand and the girl half of Dancing With the Stars' creepy MoonTwins duo, directed by Diablo "Honest to Blog" Cody? That's just the perfect recipe for the perfect movie right there. Can't get any better than that. So, see ya later Taxi Driver. Get the fuck outta here, Casablanca. Everyone's favorite movie is now Lamb of God, starring Derek Hough in a wig and a British sewer rat that someone gave a top hat and a microphone. Directed (and written!) by Diablo Cody. Burn the rest of the Criterion Collection, because what on Earth is the point now? [THR]
  • Out of that grim news comes some more grim, grimly amazing, news. Lee Daniels, the trash poet who directed Precious and the bizarre incest hitman Helen Mirren joint Shadowboxer, is working with NBC to make a TV show based on Valley of the Dolls, the infamous Jacqueline Susann novel about pill-addled (or, dolls-addled) showbiz starlets. !!!! Neely O'Hara!!!! Alive on screen again! And shepherded by the turgid stylings of Lee Daniels. It's kind of a great idea! Though, not for NBC. No. For FX. Or HBO. Or, hell, even AMC. (They could use a little fizz.) But not NBC. No, in the splashy nighttime soap genre, NBC has most recently brought us The Playboy Club, a clunking, clanking groan of a "sexy" series if ever there was one. I've said it before and I shall say again! Network television does not do "sexy" well. Sexy people, sure. But sexy situations? No. Still, I'm going to hold out hope because holy shit Valley of the Dolls you guys. [Deadline]
  • This is my favorite news item of the day mostly because what? Comely and funny young actress Lake Bell (Children's Hospital, It's Complicated, How to Make It in America) has secured a gig as the automotive contributing editor for The Hollywood Reporter. Hrm? Wha? Bell's father apparently owns racetracks, so her interest in cars makes sense, but why does THR need an automotive editor? Or is it just because a cool, pretty celebrity is interested in cars that they all of a sudden need this position filled? Whatever the reason, it's funny and weird and I approve. You hear me, everyone??? I approve! So you may carry on. [THR]
  • HBO has released a new teaser for their upcoming Michael Mann/David Milch drama Luck, and near as I can tell it's about old men in loose shirts staring into the sunset. And horses breathing. Can't wait! [Deadline]

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