Uh, a good start? That's the number of participants who showed up to the Utah Undie Run on Saturday night, an event held to protest that state's world-famous Mormon puritanism.

"We've all heard it for years. Utah is boring, Utahns are uptight," the website said. "Well, it's time to change all that, at least for a night."

Runners were encouraged to paint their bodies with any statements of political support, which some did, turning their exposed flesh into billboards advocating for everything from gay rights to looser state liquor laws. But at the end of the day, it was just a bunch of attractive people throwing off their clothes — and with them the symbolic chains of hundreds years of magic-underwear-wearing oppression.

Suggestion to parents for next year, however: Maybe get a sitter for your sin run.

[Fox 13, Photo via Tod Brilliant's Flickr]