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OK, so who checked out NBC's new dud Whitney last night? It stars comedian Whitney Cummings as a wacky girl with a wacky boyfriend and they do wacky things. Like what kind of things? Well, like using the word "OK" incessantly. Yeah, that's wacky.

Like the stereotypical valley girl, Whitney (also the co-creator of CBS' promising 2 Broke Girls) can only start a sentence by saying, "OK." Here is every time she utters it in the pilot. She says it 22 times, which is once a minute (if you don't count the commercials). OK, Whitney seems like a bright and funny girl (even if one of her sitcoms kinda sucks) but she needs to get some more verbal ticks if her sitcom is going to be successful. Maybe she can say "I mean..." instead of "OK." Or maybe she can switch to "Olé?" That's just asking for someone to make it their catchphrase.

[Video by Roger Cormier. Thanks for the idea Tim Heidecker]