Despite her best legal efforts to the contrary, Scarlett Johansson's leaked nude pics continue to blight our planet. Our favorite pancake painter's already incorporated one into his work. Now a guy is posting them around Los Angeles as an "art project."

LA-based street artist XVALA is pasting up Scarlett Johansson's nude pics around the city, according to E!. On the internet, the pictures have been a legal hot potato, with Johansson's lawyer, notorious attack-dog-to-the-stars Marty Singer, sending out scary legal threats to anyone who posts the pictures. But this is the streets, man, where no law rules, except net-savvy self-promotion and, apparently, decency laws? (XVALA is putting "strategically placed stickers" on the pictures. So square.)

"We're prepared for it," XVALA's rep told E!. "I've received a cease and desist letter, but they're never acted on when it's claimed as an art piece. There are a lot of hacked photos out there."

So, what would happen if a blog posted a picture of the Scarlett Johansson nude pic after it had been slapped up outside a parking garage by XVALA and thus magically transformed into art? An important legal question that will hopefully be decided by the Supreme Court next year because pretty soon all art is just going to be repurposed hacked celebrity nude pics. It's of the zeitgeist.

If anyone sees one of these posters up, let me know: