At last, evidence of Washington, DC's newfound young, hip vibe that does not immediately inspire peals of derisive laughter. Meet Milbanksy: unshackling DC's reputation from hackery since 2011!

Yeah, so it's basically an OBEY-style sticker of Washington Post humor hack Dana Milbank's face and last name, which has been plastered around the city lately. The anonymous sticker bombers tell the Washington City Paper: "We thought his image would foster discussion about journalism, marketing and the trend toward super-local news."

Okay, that's a little pretentious. And the fact that the artists say "We know graffiti jargon. One of us knows a graffiti artist from a long, long time ago" is pretty wack, honestly. But not nearly as wack as Dana Milbank. This "Milbanksy" thing actually bears the distinct whiff of self-awareness! And that's in short supply, when it comes to DC's public image.

If you're city's public image is either "People who find Dana Milbank edgy" or "Pretentious artists making fun of people who find Dana Milbank edgy," the latter is preferable. We salute you, Milbanksies. Whoever you are.

(And please, no comments saying "OMG this has been all over DC foreverrrr." We don't live in DC, okay? Thank god.)

[Washington City Paper. Photo via @brfreed]