Iranian President/huge Whitney fan Mahmoud Ahmadinejad provoked walkouts at an address to the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday. What was the big deal?

Well, there was the stuff about how European countries "still use the Holocaust after six decades as the excuse to pay ransom or fine to Zionists."

And the stuff about "the mysterious September 11th incident" that paved the way for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

There was the part about that high-profile assassination in May, in which the U.S., "instead of assigning a fact-finding team, killed the main perpetrator and threw his body into the sea. Why should it not have been allowed to bring him in to trial?"

A few hours later, Ahmadinejad gave the AP an interview in which he used his background in engineering to expand on his theories about that "mysterious incident."

"This was a systematic collapse of those towers," Ahmadinejad said. "I can say with certainty there must have been explosive material that was set off in sequence." [...]

"A few airplanes without previous coordination known to the security forces and the intelligence community in the United States cannot become missiles and target the heart of the United States," Ahmadinejad said.

And don't get him started on that moon landing! [NPR/AP, photo via AP]