In July, a Brazilian hitman named Carlos Roberto de Jesus was paid a little over $500 by a jealous housewife to kill Iranildes Aguiar Araujo — another woman she suspected of having an affair with her husband. But Carlos broke Rule Number One of the Hitman's Handbook, the Daily Mail reports. He forgot to check his heart at the door.

The moment he laid eyes on the beautiful Iranildes, Carlos was smitten. The feelings were mutual. Realizing he couldn't go through with it, he confessed to her, and the two concocted a plot to dupe his employer into thinking he had.

The new lovers bought two bottles of ketchup from a local supermarket.

De Jesus then got his supposed victim to rip her shirt and grip a machete under her armpit.

He then taped her mouth up, tied her hands, smothered her with ketchup and got her to lie still on the floor as if she were dead.

A photo was snapped and sent to the jealous woman, and worked like a charm. What other proof could she possibly need? The knife blade was clearly buried deeply in the space between Iranildes' arm and chest. It was the perfect crime!

That is, until Carlos was spotted making out with his supposed victim three days later. The wife then went to police to report that Carlos had stolen $1,000 from her. While in custody, Carlos mustard all of his courage and admitted to the scheme, and all three were arrested. As for the future of the couple, they mayo may not live happily ever after. [Daily Mail]