Hewlett Packard, worst run tech company of the millennium, has found a solution to its long history of wasting obscene amounts of money: Install as CEO Meg Whitman, who spent a record breaking $43 per voter to lose the California gubernatorial election. Brilliant.

HP is about to fire its current CEO Leo Apotheker and replace him with former eBay CEO Whitman, according to All Things D and Bloomberg.

Apotheker is being pushed out after squandering HP's $1 billion acquisition of smartphone maker Palm. Apotheker replaced Mark Hurd, who was pushed out after squandering money compensating a former soft core porn star. And Hurd of course replaced Carly Fiorina, who squandered $25 billion buying Compaq, a personal computer maker.

For her part, Whitman is expected to pump $140 million of her own money into HP and then lose her job.

(We hesitate to say she'll be "pushed out," because from what we can tell Meg likes to do all the pushing.)

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