[There was a video here]

The irradiated mealworms on Fox News' morning gab show Fox & Friends were talking about that free-falling satellite today and in doing so exposed a sad insecurity. They think we wish them ill!

They were comparing this satellite to Skylab, the 1970s space station that fell to Earth in a shower of debris, and the following happened: First melancholy cornhusk Gretchen Carlson looked at the camera with her best "It's a living..." expression and said, "I know some people who wish we were hit by Skylab," and then laughed grimly. Then Brian Kilmeade responded, "In fact, they write about it every day."

Oh no! No no no. Guys, we don't want you to be hit by Skylab! We don't wish you any harm. (And we certainly don't write about that, or you in general, every day.) I know they weren't referring directly to us, but rather that faceless Oort cloud of turrible lefty blogonauts, but for our part, I can say that we certainly do not wish you dead from falling space debris. Launched into space? Maybe sometimes. But not hit by things coming from space. Just wanted to clear that up.

And thanks to desiccated old praying mantis Steve Doocy for the good Skylab joke. He really brings it home every time.