Here's the first full trailer for David Fincher's adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, the runaway airport-read sensation that, in its original Swedish, was called Men Who Hate Women. This trailer hints at why.

It's only barely implied in this trailer, but supposedly Rooney Mara's character, Elizabeth Salamander or whoever, suffers a brutal rape, one that is shown fairly graphically in the movie. I don't personally see the entertainment value in that, this being a big-budget Christmastime kind of thing and sorta hinged on entertainment value, but if the core mystery — Daniel Craig investigates the cold case of a blue-blood murder, one that also might have dark sexual undertones — intrigues you enough, then maybe you can get past the unpleasantness.

Stylistically the movie looks pretty good, and besides Craig and the newcomer Mara (sister of Kate, scion of the New York Giants dynasty), the cast is intriguing. There's the great Christopher Plummer, the long-missing Julian Sands as a younger Plummer, and the mysterious and willowy blonde presence that is Robin Wright, who played Swedish recently in Anthony Minghella's last, and underrated, film Breaking and Entering. Plus there's the Fincher factor, which these days is not to be overlooked. His past three movies (Social Network, Benjamin Button, Zodiac) have all been successes in their own ways, so hopefully this will continue the trend.

Still, brutal rape scene. They're probably smart not to market that.