Hopeless romantic Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to release his memoir next October—and according to his publisher, Simon & Schuster, the book is tentatively titled Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story.

However, a source told the People's Magazine that it will "not be a tell-all," so it should actually be called Partial Recall: Shit I Feel Like Telling You. (One of his earliest and least-popular movies, Partial Recall depicts Schwarzenegger as bodybuilder who wakes up under a table in a Rio nightclub and tries to remember what he did the night before.) Those things so far: Growing up, bodybuilding, making movies, politicking, and his terminatored marriage to Maria Shriver. No word on whether any love children or mistresses will make appearances. Maybe the book will come with blank pages and a pack of crayons so you can draw them in yourself.

[NYT. Image via AP]