On the one hand, you have Fox's The X Factor, an atrocious, over-hyped reality show that seeks to lavish $5 million on a nobody's recording career, yet can't seem to properly mike its own judges. On the other, you have The Queen Extravaganza, a lesser-known talent search that will offer "shit hot vocalists and musicians" the opportunity to tour with a massive, Cirque de Soleil-esque Queen tribute show. By way of talent, X Factor has thusfar provided us with, uh, this. Extravaganza, on the other hand, has already minted one guaranteed winner, in this startlingly accurate Freddie Mercury sound-alike. His name is Marc Martel, and he's the singer for a Christian rock group from Saskatchewan called downhere. Freddie would probably have taken a perverse pleasure in that fact. [via Reddit]