This weekend, was revealed to have repeatedly landed warehouse workers in the emergency room because it refused to open doors amid extreme heat. Now the online retailer is hiring medics to care for workers the next time it refuses to open warehouse doors amid extreme heat. Progress!

The Next Web found an job listing for an "onsite medical representative" in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, to "provide first aid treatment to injured employees," among other duties. You must be certified as an EMT and in CPR to apply for the gig, which makes sense given that at least 15 warehouse employees went to the hospital during heat waves, and a further 20-30 were treated by paramedics in the parking lot.

Meanwhile, Amazon is telling angry customers that it's added "extra ice machines", hydration reminders, and shorter shifts to help cope with the heat. Also, it's installing air conditioning. Slowly but surely, Amazon is working around having to open the goddamned doors to its goddamned heat stroke warehouses. And why bother opening them in the meantime? It's not like there are people in there. Plus some of its crap might get stolen by the teaming hordes of shoplifters hanging out in front of its suburban Pennsylvania warehouses.

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