Celebrating Oktoberfest? Ashamed of your scrawny calves? Meet Wundersock, the patented rubber foam insert for knee-sock-wearing for men. Lederhosen store owner Herbert Lipah invented the "wonderbra for men." He exports Wundersock supplies to Scotland and Namibia. (Apparently Namibians are really into Oktoberfest. Something about colonialism.) Lipah says his store's wares are very popular with "gays, tourists."

For the record, the real wonderbra for men will always be this, this, or this. But Lipah's calf invention is pleasantly destructive to the male ego, too, so maybe we can call it the "kleenex stuffed in a training bra during third period gym class" for men. [WorldCrunch, image of non-stuffed calves via AP]