Gay men always get stereotyped as being drama queens while the lesbians escape the rap. Well, let's look at the case of Angela DeHart, the lesbian car thief who boosted a hearse with a body in the backseat. This crazy story will change the stereotype.

Apparently after celebrating her birthday and probably one too many bottles of beer, DeHart got in a fight with her girlfriend in Beckley, West Virginia, on their ride home. So she jumped out of the car and decided that she was going to walk home. Well, lo and behold she was stumbling past the Ritchie and Johnson (ha) Funeral Home where hearse driver Kenneth Bly had just pulled in to drop off a body. He left the car idling while he ran inside and she hopped in and sped away in the hearse. Yes, she drove all the way home to Beaver. Yes, Angela DeHart is a crazy, drunk, lesbian car thief who lives in Beaver County, West Virginia. Some days the universe just drops these things into your laps.

Anyway, the cops found the hearse where DeHart left it near her home with the corpse still in the back (though it was turned on its side for some reason). She is charged with grand larceny and displacing a dead body and is being held in jail. Now, come on. That is some serious drama.

[The Smoking Gun, Image via Shutterstock]