This is all that happens when you let foreign people into the country: unpaid parking tickets, everywhere. Okay, at least that's the case for foreign diplomats, who owe millions of dollars in tickets between New York City and Washington, dating back decades.

WTOP reports that in Washington, cars with diplomatic license plates "owe $340,037 in fines dating back to 1970, and that number does not include all late fees owed." The total outstanding sum is over $500,000, with Russia owing $27,200 in original fines for 892 tickets. Yemen, France, Cameroon and Mauritania each have outstanding tickets numbering in the hundreds.

Things are infinitely worse in New York City, perhaps even venturing into "serious money" territory:

The District is a distant second in jurisdictions where diplomats don't pay their parking tickets. According to Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY), New York City is owed $17.2 million in unpaid parking tickets. With New York home to the United Nations — as well as 289 foreign missions and consulates — Grimm says there should be no such thing as diplomatic immunity from parking tickets in the Big Apple.

"New York City's budget is tight enough as it is, and foreign diplomats do not deserve a free pass at the expense of New York City taxpayers," Grimm says.

Grimm wants the State Department to better enforce a twin set of old directives compelling foreign diplomats to pay their tickets. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Grimm! We haven't even tried bombing some of these countries yet.

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