Her biological clock was ticking, so she got knocked up by her latest beau. This actor was a drunken mess at a recent event and offended everyone. He sure did act like a baby.

1. "This female star has certainly had her ups and downs. Her career has gone up and down and has expanded over more than one creative medium. She has dated at least three or four famous guys, has been married to and divorced from another celebrity, and is a tabloid staple. Depending on who you talk to and which day it is, she is either gorgeous or ugly. Well, we know one thing for sure: she is pregnant! She is seven weeks along, and you should expect the announcement within the next couple of weeks. She could wait longer, but she wants to avoid the criticisms about her fluctuating weight. She thinks it will be good for people to know that she 'has a baby on board, rather than a burrito on board.' Both she and her partner are very happy about the pregnancy. Oh, and they will be getting married, although the wedding will now happen after the baby is born." [Blind Gossip]

2. "This former B lister and now probably a C. The only thing that saves him from D list obscurity is the occasional part and his name. Anyway, the actor has had his issues with various drugs in the past and the past week was no exception. At a charity event, our actor was wasted out of his mind when he began making a scene. Later, he hit on several women in front of his wife and told the various women that he and his wife were separating anyway. He called out to a princess in her 30s by saying, 'Hey chick.' Obnoxious does not even begin to describe his behavior." [CDaN]