Here's an odd little revelation from the run-up to the trial of accused terrorist plotters Ahmed Ferhani and Mohamed Mamdouh: The NYPD had an undercover officer planted at a demonstration showing support for Cordoba House, the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque."

That fact—which is no less disappointing for being unsurprising—is occluded somewhat by the circumstances of its disclosure, which are complicated. Apparently one of the lawyers in the Ferhani/Mamdouh case either represented or provided legal advice to the undercover officer at the protest ("UC 242")... who also happens to be "the lead undercover cop" in the Ferhani/Mamdouh case. (Weirder still: It seems as though the legal issue over which UC 242 approached the lawyer was a summons he received at that very demonstration?)

In any event, it's always good to be reminded that the NYPD is not above planting its officers, undercover, at demonstrations—just as it's not above doing the same thing at places of worship or even restaurants it thinks might be "hot spots." (We remember the anti-Cordoba House protestors being a little "hot" themselves, but who's to say NYPD didn't have a plant there, too?)

[NYDN; image via AP]