Gosh, you are probably saying to yourself right now, my commute was bad today. I wonder how it was in Boca Del Rio, Mexico? Well! "Masked gunmen blocked traffic on a busy avenue... and dumped the bodies of 35 slaying victims as horrified motorists watched."

So, maybe your commute does not seem so bad now, hmm? The 35 corpses, 12 of whom were women, were apparently scattered between two trucks, with some left on the ground; only seven of them have been identified thus far. (Of those seven, all "had criminal records for murder, drug dealing, kidnapping and extorsion and were linked to organized crime.") It's unclear who is responsible for the body dump, but Boca Del Rio and its state, Veracruz, have been the site of a bloody territorial war involving the Zetas drug cartel. Reportedly, some of the victims had escaped from a Veracruz prison the day before.

But! The news from the front line in the War on Drugs isn't all "mass graves in the middle of the highway." On Tuesday, police arrested Saul Solis Solis, a leader in the Knights Templar cartel. (That's him above with fellow alleged gang member Mario Alberto Gordillo.) Solis got his start in the drug economy on the other side of the equation—as a police chief and congressional candidate—and was arrested today "without incident." So with this guy behind bars, the War on Drugs should be over by Thanksgiving or so?