It was the coolest of times, it was the crappiest of times. B.o.B., a famous rapper, came all the way to Ithaca to play a show at Cornell University. This was, according to locals, cool. But then he went and ran up a $1,060 bill at a local bar, and refused to pay the waiter. This was, according to locals, not cool. The Cornell Daily Sun reports:

Anthony Vipond '07, B.o.B.'s principal waiter… said that, bill in hand, he chased B.o.B. and his entourage onto the street, hoping to receive compensation for the hour-and-a-half he spent serving the group.

"[B.o.B.'s manager] said, ‘We're doing you a favor for not charging you… When we go to clubs, we get paid to come,'" Vipond said. "I said, ‘This is Ithaca, this is a different town. Things get handled a little differently here.'"

And then a computer geek stole B.o.B.'s girlfriend, and the Pi Delta Pi's won the talent show! Humiliated, B.o.B. opened his wallet and pulled out a novelty-size $1,000,000 bill, and everyone hugged it out.

Oops, no, that's the underdog fantasy version. (B.o.B. turned Ivy Leaguers into underdogs! He really is talented.) In reality, B.o.B. walked away, the bar decided to eat the cost, and Anthony Vipond didn't get a tip. (And that Revenge of the Nerds sex scene was date rape.) At least they'll always have this blog post. [Cornell Sun, IvyGate, B.o.B. via Getty]