These two actors blew more than air kisses on the red carpet, but do their spouses know? This Dancing with the Stars contestant is a little crazy, and this actor left his date in the car at the Emmys so he could hit on other women. That show really saw some action!

1. "This married, foreign born C+/B- television actress on a very hit show spent about ten minutes making out and groping this always ready to play B/A- list actor who just completed a run on a very popular show. It was not like the pair were not spotted. The actress was overheard saying later that she thinks her husband will understand. 'It was just kissing.'" [CDaN]

2. "Which current Dancing with the Stars contestant has such a bad temper that producers fear he could blow a gasket at any time? Producers have taken special precautions and hired an on-set psychiatrist to make sure the wannabe hoofer doesn't lose it on stage!" [Blind Gossip]

3. "This B- list television actor who had a couple of things going television wise in the past year had a date for the Awards but would not let her anywhere near the cameras. He told her to wait and the night was all about him and not them. He also told others that he did not want anyone to think he was dating anyone because it would be harder to pick up other women." [CDaN]

4. "This C+/B- movie actress who has been doing television lately is still being shunned. To try and help matters she spoke to the actress who made the shunning happen and begged for her forgiveness." [CDaN]

5. "In the last month you've have seen pics of these two C listers, who are famous for being famous, going to dinner together. The rumor is that while one was in the bathroom, the other star spit several times into the absent star's dinner." [BuzzFoto]