Cryos International, the world's largest sperm bank, is working to reinforce the old, "no one likes a ginger-hair" joke. According to Ole Schou, the director of the bank, the demand for redheaded babies is "low in relation to demand" and as a result, the bank is now turning away donors. Keep your sperm, ginger devils!

Schou says:

I do not think you choose a redhead, unless the partner - for example, the sterile male - has red hair, or because the lone woman has a preference for redheads," he said, the Telegraph reported. "And that's perhaps not so many, especially in the latter case.

So while some (me) may think there is nothing more precious than a carrot-topped bundle of joy, apparently the vast majority of baby-makers prefer men with brown hair and brown eyes.

[Image via Shutterstock]