Ryan Gosling has had "two of the greatest girlfriends of all time," and neither of them are you. Lindsay Lohan loses something (that isn't her mind, her youth or her talent). And Salahi drama continues. It's Sunday gossip!

  • Do you know who the greatest girlfriends of all time are? Did you just say your girlfriend? Aww! That's cute! But, no, sorry, your girlfriend sucks compared to Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams, according to Ryan Gosling, who told the Times of London: "I had two of the greatest girlfriend of all time. I haven't met anybody who could top them." (Not even Albert Brooks??) Gosling, by the way, is now married to "film," which as far as we know is not even legal. [Us]
  • Lindsay Lohan lost her cell phone at the Boom Boom Room (maybe she dropped it when she threw a drink at a photographer there?), only to have it recovered and returned by an anonymous Good Samaritan, who neither asked for nor received an award. The phone—named, hilariously, LINDSAY LOHAN'S PHONE—had "important phone numbers... emails... personal photos" and other data Lohan "wouldn't want published," like the names of the real perpetrators of the JFK assassination. [TMZ]
  • It was Marc Anthony's birthday on Friday, and the crowd at his concert in Miami that night sang him "Happy Birthday," prompting him fall to his knees and cry. Blood. No, just regular ol' salty tears. He later had a party, at which he also cried. [People]
  • You know who else is mad about this whole Michaele Salahi-Neal Schon thing, besides Tareq Salahi? God! And also, Neal Schon's wife, 1986 Playboy Playmate Ava Fabian, who wedded Schon, in the eternal capitalization choices of TMZ, "just TWO MONTHS AGO." See, folks, this is what happens when you legalize gay marriage. [TMZ]
  • John Mayer has cancelled two shows and delayed his album over an "inflammation around his vocal chords known as a granuloma." [EW]