A 22-year-old Swedish man has discovered the nicest way ever to impress a new friend: rip up their wooden patio, break into their locked car to procure their power tools, and craft them a personal skateboarding ramp out of the patio wood. As a bonus goodwill gesture, leave your ax sticking out of their house.

Actually, it's not clear if the Swede's ax was his own or the friend's; it's very likely that, like the other tools, it came from the friend's car, whose window he smashed (enthusiastically, and out of affection). At least he didn't steal the ax outright, though! That's not what good friends do.

When the man's friend came home he was very surprised—and not in a good way—to discover his new gift. The ramp builder was arrested for vandalism and stealing a car (among other things) and now he's doing two months in jail. Which is unfortunate, really, because you just don't meet too many people who will drop everything they're doing to build you a skateboarding ramp out of parts of your own house anymore. People are so cold and compartmentalized nowadays. And when they look at a patio, they just go "oh, patio," and fail to recognize the potential, the possibilities.

[The Local. Image of Shaun White skateboarding on a wooden ramp his friend made him via AP]