Lindsay Lohan crashes, and then gets kicked out of, Marc Jacobs' party. Tareq Salahi receives a picture of a penis in his mail—a penis we are reasonably sure does not belong to Justin Timberlake. Saturday gossip is here!

  • Fresh off of throwing a drink at a fashion photographer, Lindsay Lohan showed up at Marc Jacobs' Thursday-night after-party at the Dream Downtown, only to be "rebuffed several times." She was able to get inside thanks to the intervention of the hotel's owner, Vikram Chatwal, but within minutes of sitting down at her booth "security approached Lohan and told her she wasn't welcome." [Page Six]
  • Tareq Salahi, who is reportedly "being comforted" by Michael Lohan over his cuckolding, has filed for divorce, claiming, among other things, that Journey guitarist Neal Schon sent him an email "with an attachment of a penis." (A picture of a penis, we imagine, Tareq! Take not the lessons of Magritte lightly!) TMZ writes that the penis "presumably" belongs to Schon. (Maybe that one is Justin Timberlake's?) In further Salahi news, TMZ has an exclusive video of Rio, the Salahis' doberman, who is said (by Tareq) to be "so depressed over Michaele's departure, he can't get out of bed." That video, again, is a TMZ exclusive. [TMZ]
  • Wyclef Jean thinks Sarah Palin is "rad... shrewd... [and] cool." [Can we do a "Gone Till November" joke here about the election? - Ed.] [WWD]
  • Justin Timberlake would like everyone to know that the penis depicted in a photograph on Mila Kunis' cell phone is not his, and he never sent her a picture of his penis, and that he in fact does not actually even have a penis, and if you take off his pants all you will see is his other face, staring at you. [TMZ]
  • Nick Cannon says his twins, Mdfgadh and Mcwaqiuwyah, will not go into the entertainment industry. "If I could get a scientist, that'd be amazing," Cannon says. [People]
  • Evan Rachel Wood says her bisexuality is "a big part" of who she is. It's also a big part of her publicity strategy! Not that we're objecting. [Marie Claire]
  • Frances Bay, who played Adam Sandler's grandmother in Happy Gilmore, passed away at age 92. [TMZ]

[images of Lohan during Fashion Week via splash]