Michele Bachmann pushed her criticism of Rick Perry's executive order mandating HPV vaccinations of young girls to the furthest frontiers of predictability today, by labeling it "Perrycare." There is just nothing worse in a Republican primary than having the word "care" applied to your last name. That's not a joke! It should be, though. Shouldn't it? Maybe one of these days.

Watch, as Michele Bachmann explains "Perrycare" to the large crowd of terrified anti-vaccine moms, under the gritty lights, with "lo-fi" (shitty) audio barely picking up her every damning word.

This "care" thing has gotten out of hand. What is the problem with calling the Obama thing "Obamacare"? It's the president's signature piece of legislation, regarding health care. Maybe the Republicans' violent way of uttering can be annoying, but not really. It's their own nostalgia-trip problem. The epithet's origin is, of course, "Hillarycare," which drew its strength as a specific political attack on how President Clinton deputized his wife with the task of drawing up a piece of comprehensive health care legislation without asking for anyone else's input. For how much longer will this strangely negative connotation hovering over the word "care," based on the politics of 1993, have the power to taint pretty much anything Republican politicians apply it to?