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We haven't seen much of Charlie Sheen since earlier this year—when we didn't see much that wasn't Charlie Sheen—but the former Two and a Half Men star stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday ahead of next Monday's airing of his Comedy Central roast.

When asked by Jay Leno what made him most recently turn his life around, Sheen cited the day he was fired from the top-rated CBS sitcom. "I thought I could come back... kinda like you did," Sheen told Leno, to which Leno replied, "At least one of us got the job back!"

Later, Leno asked Sheen if he was angry at CBS for giving him the ax. Sheen said he wasn't. "I'd have fired my ass, too," he said, before following up with, "Well, maybe not like they did."

You'll find the aforementioned exchanges and more of the interview's highlights in the video above.