We've been hearing whispers for the better part of a week that Kelly Bensimon, Alex McCord, and former Gawker intern Jill Zarin have been fired from the Real Housewives of New York and now it seems like it is official. Goodbye, sweet, sweet ladies.

According to Rob Shuter the ladies have all been let go. I also heard rabid zombie Cindy Barshop is getting the axe, but that doesn't seem to have decapitated her undead head as of yet. Update: It's official. The ladies have all been replaced with new blood that will mix with Countess Crackerjacks, Ramona Singer, and my beloved Sonja Morgan. Hopefully it won't mix too well, because that would just be boring, but this show sure could use a transfusion. We're not sure who the new ladies are yet, but if you know anything let us know.

Oh, Jill how we loved your journey from lovely every lady to spurned scourge then back into our good graces. Alex, we're glad that you finally found your voice, and we will miss it so from upcoming seasons. Kelly, well, it hasn't really been much of a treat, but you did give us one golden satchel of a scene. Now you are all gone. Gone into the dark night of obscurity to launch your fashion lines, write your books, and further your careers without the posh launching pad of Andy Cohen's Harpy Factory. Goodnight, and good luck.

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