We got some scuttlebutt from an insider about who won the upcoming edition of Lifetime's Project Runway All Stars. Not only that, but the order that the designers got kicked off of the show. It could be right, it could be wrong, but it's sure fun to guess. Spoilers, for those who want them, ahead.

Yes, there are spoilers, spoilers, spoilers after this paragraph, so if you glimpse something you don't want to know, it's your own fault, and we don't want to hear you whining.

According to our source, fan favorite Mondo Guerra walks away with the prize. That makes sense since many are still angered that he lost season eight to Gretchen Jones. Heidi Klum even wore a dress he designed for the show's finale in a show of solidarity with the designer. Our tipster says the plan was to hand it to him all along, and that angered the other designers, including Mondo, but he took the win nonetheless.

Apparently second place goes to season one dandy Austin Scarlett. Victorian lamp shade designer Michael Costello comes in third, despised hipster denizen and cat thrower Kenley Collins was fourth, and Jerell Scott came in fifth. Rami Kashou, the master draper who was in the finals during his initial season, is supposedly kicked out before the half-way mark. Poor thing.

Again, these spoilers may or may not be accurate, but there they are nonetheless.