Remember coning? It's the dopey web video stunt made popular this summer in which people at the McDonald's drive-thru grab their ice cream cone by the ice cream instead of the cone, making a mess and confusing everyone, and then they drive away laughing. Hilarious! Well, no more, says one New Jersey McDonald's manager.

Seen, partially obstructed, in this viral joke gone wrong (maybe? maybe they actually just wanted ice cream? let's assume not), the manager tells the perky blonde in the car that he would rather throw the ice cream out than have her grab it by the ice cream and giggle. We salute this hero! That's a firm, and correct, stand to take against this working class-shaming, food-wasting prank. Sure, the manager would be wasting the food too, but only on principle, not just for cheap laughs.

And another thing! The young woman seen in this video is, well, rather pretty. An attractive young woman doing an internet stunt designed by sweaty young men partially as a way to impress girls like her basically means the meme has reached critical mass, right? Our genetic superiors should not be doing internet tomfoolery! Just as Rosario Dawson planking brought that nefarious trend to an end (I mean, sort of), here this prank-inept, but genetically blessed and thus societally better, young lady ought to be the harbinger of coning's doom.

But if she doesn't take it down, this certified Gawker Hero, "Unnamed New Jersey McDonald's Manager," certainly will. One ice cream cone in the trash at a time. [via BuzzFeed]