In your workmanlike Thursday media column: Megan McCarthy to the NYO, Ana Marie Cox and Nick Davies to The Guardian, a new EP at ABC News, Jon Meacham to Time, and ruthless morning news bookers.

  • Megan McCarthy, who had the potential to become the next Romenesko in her gig as human editor at Mediagazer, is leaving there to become news editor at the New York Observer. She will do well there as well, but with fewer "algorithms."
  • Elsewhere! Former Wonkette Ana Marie Cox and UK phone hacking scandal-breaker Nick Davies are both going to work for The Guardian's new US site, Are Americans ready for Ana Marie Cox? Only time will tell.
  • ABC World News has a new executive producer: Michael Corn, who succeeds Jon Banner, who is himself shifting to "Senior Executive Producer." FTV Live has the full memo.
  • Former Newsweek editor Jon Meacham is now a contributing editor at Time. Is that... good, for Time? Only time will tell.
  • Paul Farhi takes an interesting/ scary look at morning TV news bookers, each and every one of whom would sell his mother into sex slavery in exchange for an exclusive with the parents of a recently kidnapped attractive white teen. The media is an awful, awful place. All of it.

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