In our ongoing quest to be servicey and fill the maddening expanse of open pixels with something—anything—that might be useful to you, the reader, it's time for another edition of "Advice questions, reconsidered." Today: coupons! Dating! Cheapness! Sexxx!

The Root considers the very timely and modern question: Is it okay to use coupons on a date? (Timely because we are all broke, yet still want to fool people into sleeping with us.) Blogger Terence Turner says "yes," but his nickname is "The Frugalista," so he's clearly biased.

There are three acceptable answer to this question:

1) Yes, of course it's okay, during these tough economic times, why not? Anyone who would judge you for that is a materialistic skank that you don't want to be dating anyhow.

2) No, what? What are you fucking talking about, seriously? You're going to pull out a bag full of coupons at our first date, at The Olive Garden? Get the fuck outta here.

3) Oh sure, I wouldn't judge you for that. (JUDGES YOU.) (INSINCERE SMILE, YOU WILL NEVER GET LAID NOW.)

So the actual answer is, determine which of these three types of person you're dating, then act accordingly. Or, you know, do something that doesn't cost money on your date. Be creative! Ladies love that. No, she wouldn't judge you at all for that, why? (JUDGES YOU.)

Your own analysis of this critical question goes in the comments, please.

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[The Root. Photo: Groupon/ Flickr]