Today we gave you some handy tips about how to politely make a BM at work, prompting some of you to talk about pooping. Just plain old pooping. Some comments were normal, some were funny, one was horrifying. Here it is.

From SolomonGrundy:

Not me. I haven't shit in public since 1985. Thank you lomotil.

I can't believe I'm sharing this but oh well. It's the internet.

I was at a rollerskating rink and had skates on. I already hated pooping in public but I had to go so bad I could taste it.

So there I was with my skates on in a bathroom with no doors on the stalls. In hell. When some creepy skeevy bastard came in and started staring at me. And playing "paddleball" with himself.

I tried to get up and get away. And fell. On a men's room floor in a rollerskating rink. While a perv watched. With poo hanging out.

So there you go internet. My worst moment ever. And I just shared it with everyone. Too bad I couldn't enter that one in the worst school moment contest. That might have won, right?

And ever since I refuse to shit in public. Ever.

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