It's a time-honored tradition for reports at gay newspapers or magazines to ask straight celebrities, "If you played for the other team, who would you want to sleep with?" It's like that will make them slightly more gay or something. But everyone seems to have a celebrity they want to bone who is not of the gender they usually bone. Who's yours?

Sofia Vergara was game and told The Advocate that her girl crush is Halle Berry. That's kind of obvious, because Halle Berry is like the Platonic ideal of a hot lady, but an honest answer nonetheless.

You know this question is going to come up with your gay friends (if you have any) or pervy straight guys trying to imagine girls at a bar making out with celebrities, so you better have an answer ready so that you don't come up with something totally stupid. (And yes, guys, you can play too. Just because you find another guy attractive doesn't mean that you need to start taking it up the ass and learning the lyrics to Judy Garland songs.) So, who do you want to do that you wouldn't normally do?

Being a card-carrying homosexual, I have a long list of male celebs that I roll through in my more private moments, so I guess I have to think of a lady I'd have sex with. Sophia Vergara, actually would be a good choice, because it would be like doing a hot version of Charo, which is like an extreme campy gay sex fantasy. I guess that doesn't really count, cause I just want her to wear sequins and go "hoochie-kootchie." Or what about Christina Hendricks? While I do find her especially attractive, I think I would be far to intimidated by her greatness to be able to actually flirt with her.

Then I have to go with Blake Lively. She's an atrocious ball of mumbles when trying to act, but damn is she hot. And she could introduce me to Karl Lagerfeld. And she has good boobs. And she seems like the kind of girl who would keep on a bustier while we got it on, which would definitely make things a lot more fun. Yeah, I'm gonna go with her.

So, who is yours? If you're going to switch teams for a night, who do you want to be your first at bat? Let us know your same-sex crush (or opposite-sex for you queers out there) in the comments.

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