When pictures of Scarlett Johansson showing off her boobs and well-shaped derriere appeared on the internet today, we all knew they had to come from someplace. Well, it seems like either her phone or computer was hacked. Now the FBI is involved.

According to TMZ, the Feds are looking into who got the pictures and put them on the internet for all to see. Apparently she was one of the 50 celebrities targeted by a hacking ring looking for naked pictures and other dirty bits of business.

Vanessa Hudgens, a starlet who almost compulsively documents her naked form, has also talked to the FBI about her Gmail account getting hacked which resulted in her last nude photo scandal. It might be the same person or the same ring of hackers terrorizing pretty actresses for what appears to be nothing but cheap thrills and giggles.

So, just because the pictures are stolen does that mean you shouldn't be looking at them? Well, it's debatable, but for all you pervs out there, you can check out the NSFW pictures here.

[Non-nude ScarJo image via Pacific Coast News]