Amanda Seyfried loves sex scenes, particularly an "extreme close-up" of herself rubbing tongues with Megan Fox. Olivia Wilde says she needs "four vaginas." Lil' Wayne talks Tea Party. Scarlett Johansson faces a naked picture scandal. Wednesday gossip needs a cold shower.

  • Amanda Seyfried's first boyfriend was the guy who played her boyfriend in All My Children. Their first kiss was the one they had on camera. She watched it repeatedly, when she and her mother would watch all of her episodes "over and over again" on VHS. Consequently, Amanda Seyfried is one of those actresses who greatly enjoys sex scenes:
  • Sex scenes are great. A lot of my costars have been sexy guys my age, and so, why not? I'm not going to pretend it's not fun.

Jennifer's Body is my favorite movie that I've done. It was overlooked in theaters, but it does have a DVD following. I can't believe nobody wanted to see Megan Fox and me hitting it. They had an extreme close-up of our tongues, and I'm telling you, the thing about the scene is that it's actually really sexy. For a young girl to say that about her own sex scene—it must be because it's special.

Amanda Seyfried interviews force you to confront your superficiality. Because she has an unusual face, you assume she will have unusual things to say, when she actually sticks to the exhibitionist starlet/ex-child star script, like so many Megan Foxes before her. [W, image via Getty]

  • Scarlett Johansson is having a naked picture scandal. Here are pictures of alleged-Scarlett's boobs and butt. Same as every other celebrity hack victim's boob and butt pictures, but Scarlett's boobs and butt, this time. [NSFW Fleshbot]
  • Lil' Wayne on the educational value of the GOP: "You learn from what the right-wing is doing and you take something from it… Look at yourself and ask, ‘Am I the person they're talking about or am I not?' You have to make the most of who you are because the Republicans are never going to like us." By "us" he means self-made multimillionaires who own multiple businesses, obviously. [Vibe]
  • Olivia Wilde says she'd "need four vaginas" to date all the men she's been linked to in the tabloids. Good opportunity for a porn parody. [HuffPost]

Turns out Miley Cyrus' weird goth brother's Disney channel girlfriend, not-prostitute Brenda Song, isn't pregnant, after all. Her parents are pretty upset. "It's not how we raised her," said Mrs. Song, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Everyone, go bang your foreheads on the table for a while. [Radar, image via Getty]

  • Remember when Jennifer Lopez had a "romantic dinner" with Bradley Cooper, and every tabloid outlet under the sun reported it? Just a "business dinner," J.Lo had no idea it'd turn into a big splashy rumor. "They went to Per Se, which is an amazing low key restaurant in New York and the next thing you know it's in the papers." Just your regular ol' low-key four-star celebrity-studded corner deli, Per Se. [HuffPost]
  • But wait! This person says "it was a date." And this person says J.Lo "tricked" Bradley. Years from now, the Lopez-Cooper date will be remembered as one of the great mysteries of our time. What happened to Amelia Earhart's plane? Who built the pyramids? And did J.Lo want to boink Bradley Cooper or not? historians will ask, in History Channel documentaries with dramatic soundtracks. [Us, Superficial]
  • The lingerie model accused of having an affair with Alicia Keyes' husband Swizz Beat isued a long, sad public statement about love and romance and betrayal and money and sex with Swizzy. [Bossip]
  • Another day, another rumor that Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez are breaking up. Just to spite everyone, I'm going to start a rumor that they're getting back together. [Us]
  • Christina Hendricks isn't having babies "any time soon" because "I feel busy enough right now." [People]
  • Ooh, yikes, pictures of Reese Witherspoon with a black eye from her car accident. She's smiling and going about her business in this picture, though, which makes it less yikes-y. [People]
  • Is Gerard Butler too "gaunt"? Hair is still magnificent, though. [BauerGriffin]
  • Paul McCartney is getting married this weekend, at a ceremony that Heather Mills intends to haunt. [Us]