This musical mistress picked a hell of a time to get it on with the limo driver. There's a bunch of juicy Fashion Week blinds, and one about a Disney star having gay cyber sex. Think he's into role playing as a limo driver?

1. "Which A/B list musician slipped away during the funeral of her parent to have sex with the limo driver during the service? Everyone thought she was so overcome with grief they didn't question her strange behavior." [BuzzFoto]

2. "Which A+ fashion editor was overheard telling someone, 'I have never seen someone try so hard for attention while looking so atrocious at the same time.' She was referring to a solid B list singer who is striving really hard to become an A." [CDaN]

3. "Everyone at a show over the weekend was a little creeped out about how close this C+ actor was with his sister. The actor has had two big hits in his career. The latest one is going to shoot him from the C range to an upper B. It is a very very good show." [CDaN]

4. "How awkward is this one. You have a former B+ television actress from a very long running show who is really all about the movies now but struggles to stay relevant enough to be a B. In the seat next to her is someone who is really a celebrity although she has flitted between movies and television and other things. A very nice person too who does not stay in touch like she used to. Anyway, our actress had no idea about who the celebrity is dating and somehow the name of the guy comes up and our actress blurts out she used to sleep with him way back in the day. Then, the celebrity finishes her sentence and says she is engaged to him. Although the sleeping with happened well before he started dating the celebrity, it definitely wins the awkward award of the day." [CDaN]

5. "This postcard about a Disney Star was sent to 'I had gay cybersex with a Disney Channel star.' So many choices. Who could it be?" [Blind Gossip]