The live web show launched as "What's Trending at" is now simply known as "What's Trending," all because CBS News got all freaked out about one silly false report that the most famous CEO in the world had tragically died.

What's Trending falsely tweeted Friday that Apple CEO Steve Jobs had died, provoking an online firestorm. The communique was quickly retracted, and today What's Trending host Shira Lazar issued an an on air mea culpa, saying a "miscommunication in the newsroom resulted in a junior staffer at ‘What's Trending' sending a tweet that contained an unchecked, unconfirmed and ultimately untrue report about Steve Jobs." Ha ha, whoops.

CBS has has yanked all mention of What's Trending from its website, the Times now reports, and is redirecting to the site's new, independent URL. Barely three months old, What's Trending starred nerd-media fameball Lazar and attempted to meld online buzz and miscellaneous geekery with perhaps the most storied old media news department in the TV business. The New York Times warned that this seemed an odd fit back in May, and critics now have their definitive proof.