When leaving a photo shoot in New York today, one of Lady Gaga's notoriously cantilevered contraptions failed her and her nether regions were exposed to the cameras. But just what the hell are we looking at here?

This is clearly her intimate business, but just what is the business? Is that her vagina? Is it just some creative undergarment? Is it in some weird panty hose camel toe situation? And what is that little grommet in the middle of her muffin? Does she have a pierced lower lip? Or, wait, is that the penis nubbin that we've heard so much about over the years.

Is this the proof that it really does exists, or is this the proof that it really doesn't exist? I don't even know anymore. One thing is for certainly: Lady Gaga only has so many tricks in her bag, and one of them seems to be doling out the inquisitions into her lady (?) bits.

[Images via Pacific Coast News]