Leroy McKelvey, a 59-year-old Dallas Cowboys fan, went with three friends to see his team face off against the New York Jets on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Naturally, emotions were running high. But before the game even started, trouble was afoot in upper-deck Section 324 of MetLife stadium:

"A Marine at the end of the row noticed that McKelvey and three others in his party would not stand or take their hats off for the national anthem," a law enforcement officer told CLIFFVIEW PILOT. "So the Marine tells McKelvey he better not have to get out of the row cause he won't let him out."

It turns out that in his preparations for the game, McKelvey remembered to pack his taser, which would come in handy during the half time show as he tasered the Marine and two other people, who we'll just assume were collateral damage. McKelvey was arrested and is charged with aggravated assault and weapons possession but, as the paper notes, he "got back his Cowboys jersey."

[Cliffview Pilot; Image via Getty]