Watson, the super computer that went head-to-head with two Jeopardy champions, has been hired by an insurance company so that it can diagnose people's diseases. Is this the worst idea ever?

First of all, no one wants a game show computer giving a diagnosis. They just don't. They already go on the internet and try to play House on WebMD, what they want is a real doctor to tell them what's wrong with them, not something built by IBM to computer the capital of Niger faster than Ken Jennings. And if a doctor needs Watson's help to come up with a diagnosis, then they should stop being a doctor.

But that's just what WellPoint has contracted Watson to do, help doctors come up with treatment options and diagnoses. People already complain about the inhuman response they get from insurance companies, now the company is going to have you talk with something that isn't even a human to get a diagnosis? Let's phrase this like we're on Jeopardy: A really bad idea. Answer: What is this?

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