These two top-tier funny men are feuding because they both want the same guy. Russian mobsters are making Fashion Week dangerous, and this actress has a husband and a lover who enjoy their own company as well as hers. These Hollywood relationships are so complicated!

1. "This former A+ comic movie actor and now still one in his mind, but probably just a B never speaks to this other A list movie actor. The reason? Although they both go both ways, they love guys the most and fought over one guy in particular who actually ended up going with neither of them because they both would not stop bugging him." [CDaN]

2. "Apparently Russian mobsters are out in force this week and were also at Paris Fashion Week. They basically threaten every Eastern European model with bodily harm unless the model gives up almost everything they make during the shows. When one A++ list designer was told about the troubling trend, he said, 'Why should I care about them? I have a show to do. The show is about my designs and the models are secondary. If one of my models gets hurt, I can find another one in a second.'" [CDaN]

3. "This foreign born actress is probably a B-/C+ here although she did star in one of the highest grossing movies ever. Mostly though her work has been done in her native country so most of us would need subtitles. Anyway, she is married. She also has a boyfriend. This sounds so Tilda Swinton. I wonder if this is more common in Europe. Anyway, she brought both of them to a premiere and was asked about them and she said something to the effect of when I don't feel like sex or am out of town they enjoy each other and when I am hope we all have each other." [CDaN]

4. "There are lots of rumors flying as to why this famous performer is switching professional teams. Contrary to popular belief, it's not because she is jealous that another performer that the company reps is getting more attention than her. It's because she and her e-boss got into a huge fight about her personal life. You see, her former company did more than make her a professional success. When the performer ran into some serious trouble with an old beau, the company did everything possible to protect her and get her personal and professional life back on track. They exhibited tremendous loyalty to her to the point of alienating others in the industry. And what does she do to thank them? Make questionable videos and try to get back together with the beau who almost ruined her career. Both of these actions are real slaps in the face to those at the top of their game who worked so hard to build and protect her career. So they let her go. You can't manage someone who is so determined to undermine her own success." [Blind Gossip]