Hate-mad tabloid sex perv Andrea Peyser is sad. What has become of the awesome sense of cowed obedience that American minorities displayed in the wake of 9/11? It's gone and disappeared, and they're all uppity again. Is this America, still?

In her column today, Andrea pines for those halcyon days of late September 2001, when New Yorkers all agreed to "[obey] those in authority in ingratiating ways," because "If we were to survive, we must be as one. Now who has gone and screwed up that wondrous fascist dreamland? Some Muslim, BIG SURPRISE:

But when 17-year-old Ola Salem from Brooklyn was told [at Rye Playland last month] she could not, for fear of strangulation, wear her hijab, or head scarf, on the Dragon Coaster (yarmulkes and baseball caps are banned, as well), did Ola say:

A. "Thanks for saving my life!''
B. "I'll ride the Slime Bucket instead.'' Or,
C. "This has nothing to do with head gear. This is my religion!''

Ola chose C...

Of course, this had nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with identity politics that, ironically, sprang up years after 9/11.

I'm no Chair of the Islamic Studies Department at the University of Cairo, as tabloid columnist Andrea Peyser is, but I think that wearing a hijab does have something to do with religion??? Double check this please, someone???

The point is, what happened to minorities doing whatever authority figures say no matter what, then whistling a Dixieland tune and grinning? Andrea Peyser misses those days. These days, by contrast, you have entitled so-called "African-Americans" who think they should be able to walk down a sidewalk without getting thrown to the ground by police, simply because they're City Council members. The nerve of these people:

Did [City Councilman Jumaane] Williams and [political aide John] Foy say [after being hurled to the ground by cops while trying to explain who they were]:

A. "Sorry about the confusion, officers."
B. "I'll listen to your orders next time.'' Or,
C. "If I did not look the way I look,'' said Williams, who is black, "we are sure things would have been handled differently.''

You know the choice.

A high-ranking law-enforcement source suggested there might be an explanation other than profiling. Tensions were high among cops, then dealing with dozens of weekend shootings and gunshots at the parade. The men's entitled attitudes did not help, regardless of race.

"It could be partly ego,'' on Williams' and Foy's part, said the source.

BREAKING: investigative journalism by investigative sex reporter Andrea Peyser reveals that two black men had an uppity "entitled" attitude, according to a cop! No wonder they were hurled to the ground by police! Don't they remember 9/11?

What is wrong with people these days? (Minorities, specifically?)