If you don't have the money for plastic surgery, it's best not to take the home remedy approach. That's what 63-year-old Janet Hardt of Homewood, Illinois, did, and now she's dead! Except the coroner says the rendered beef fat she was injecting around her mouth and chin in a misguided — and delicious! — attempt at reducing wrinkles was not, in fact, what killed her.

Hardt, who has undergone several legitimate plastic surgery procedures, was taken to a nearby hospital complaining that "her face felt like it was burning." Indeed, she might have been better off just applying it to the George Foreman Grill directly. Her face was burned and badly infected when she arrived, and she died a little while later.

But an autopsy revealed that the actual cause of death was peritonitis — a severe abdominal inflammation caused by a bacterial infection, according to the results. In other words it was an unrelated, and a perfectly natural cause, that did it. Look, I'm no Tijuana back-alley plastic surgeon, but wouldn't you call that timing slightly curious, Cook County medical examiner?

Somewhere, Jocelyn Wildenstein is snickering to herself and saying, "Amateur." [suntimes.com, image via Shutterstock]