So these boys in Las Cruces, New Mexico thought it would be clever to get on their Facebooks and "cyberbully" the Zinsations, a local street dance troupe. It was not clever! Because four of the Zinsations beat the shit out of those bullyboys at McDonald's the other day.

"Once (the members of Zinsations) found out there (were) assaults taking place online, they decided to carry out an attack on whom they believed perpetrated the online insults," reports the Las Cruces Sun-News. One of the bullies got his head "slammed on the hood of a car several times" and started bleeding from the mouth. Another took a punch to the jaw. A third got his backpack stolen and a bonus punch in his arm, which was already injured and in a sling.

Like those bloody, beat-up cyberbullies, many of you probably enjoy insulting dancers on Facebook. That's perfectly understandable. But as the Battle of the Zinsations shows us, sometimes the dancers fight back. So just be careful with the name-calling and the leotard jokes. Maybe start making fun of performance artists instead—they're always too busy conceptualizing the world around them to learn how to throw a good punch.

[Sun-News. Image via Shutterstock]