Amy Winehouse might have died while trying to get her life in order. Arnold and Maria have an awkward run-in. Miley Cyrus is just "explor[ing] sexuality," and Justin Bieber wants to settle down. Saturday gossip would probably eat bananas dipped in ketchup.

  • Mitch Winehouse, father of late soul singer Amy Winehouse, says his daughter may have died from an overdose of "a powerful anti-anxiety drug" prescribed to help her deal with the DTs. "She did detox to excess," he told Anderson Cooper, and died with "nobody there to rescue her." [People]
  • Khal Arnold Schwarzenegger had an awkward run-in with his former khaleesi, Maria Shriver, after she was allowed to leave Vaes Dothrak to attend a charity event at the Diane Von Furstenburg store in L.A. A source tells the New York Post: "They made eye contact as he got out of the car. It was awkward. Arnold approached Maria to say hello as her car pulled up. They talked for almost a minute." And then they had a dance-fight. [Page Six]
  • "I'm not some crazy lady who's gone off the deep end, because I definitely haven't... Every 18-year-old explores sexuality and experiments and tries things," salvia-smoking chipmunk Miley Cyrus tells Prestige magazine in what we're going to go ahead and assume is a confession that she is a furry. [NYDN]
  • Justin Bieber would like to be married and starting a family by age 25, assuming straight marriage is even still legal then. "I want to be a young dad," he says. [WWD]
  • One of the top publicity stunts totally real and important entertainment stories of the year was the press release attorney's letter from Abercrombie and Fitch demanding that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino stop wearing the company's clothes. How embarrassing it must have been for A&F when that letter was made public, and forwarded around the internet a million times! And now Sorrentino's lawyers are demanding that the clothing company stop selling shirts that say "The Fitchuation" or else they'll keep BCCing TMZ on everything sue. [TMZ]
  • Jay-Z and Beyoncé's unborn child, believed by many to be the moshiach, will come soon into this world and usher in an era of peace with the construction of the third temple. Until then, his mother is eating "[o]reo cookies, gherkins, ice cream with hot chilli sauce," bananas dipped in ketchup, and "croissants with melted Dime bars inside," all the better to prepare her son for the reformation of the sanhedrin. [NYDN]

[image via AP]