A crew from Portland's KGW-TV stopped by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union's headquarters in Longview, Washington to ask about the union's heated dispute with a grain terminal operator. During their truth-seeking quest they met a plaid-shirted man named Fuck You Cocksucker who threatened to break their cameras and punch their faces, insulted a "dumb motherfucker" cameraman's eyeglasses, and said he'd have them all arrested for trespassing.

Why so angry, Mr. Cocksucker? Well, the ILWU's been trying to get work at EGT's new grain terminal in Longview, and the rank-and-file has been a bit direct—some might say aggro—in their efforts. The union says it's just trying to get EGT—a consortium of foreign companies—to honor its agreements and give jobs to local, unemployed skilled workers. EGT has hired scab labor to work at the terminal and contracted a bunch of work to a different union from Portland, because they're motherfucking cockbite coldcock cocksuckers.

Tensions between the union and EGT escalated this week after police in riot gear showed up for a union member protest and briefly detained the ILWU president for no clear reason. Union members allegedly cut train brake lines and dumped grain. They also stormed the terminal, trapping several guards inside. A judge will hold a hearing next week to see if the union should be held in civil contempt for violating a temporary restraining order. The union should appoint Fuck You Cocksucker to represent them at that hearing.