Is Steve Jobs dead? A lot of people on Twitter think so after the CBS web series "What's Trending" briefly tweeted that there were "reports" that Steve Jobs had died. They deleted their tweet about a minute after, but not before many of their 11,000 followers freaked out, sending the Steve Jobs death rumor shooting through Twitter.

But rest easy: Steve Jobs is apparently alive and well. What's Trending has just tweeted an apology: "Reports of Steve Job's death completely unconfirmed." Which we guess means "we made it up completely?" Lesson learned: Never trust anything with "trending" in the title.

Update: We and our colleagues at Gizmodo are beginning to suspect there's actually something to this rumor. It's certainly plausible: Jobs retired last month, presumably due to health reasons, and was photographed soon after looking extremely ill. Know more? Email me:

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